Photography Services Pricing - RealTours Hawaii

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If weather conditions are not acceptible the day of the shoot, we will reschedule for the first available date thereafter.

If you are calling from the mainland,

please be considerate of the time difference.

What time is it in Hawaii?


Still Photography Packages

Vacant Lot: up to 20 acres - 10 - 12 photos:  $175.00

Vacant Land: ( Including travel) 1/4 day:  $300.00  1/2 day: $600.00

Residential Basic: Under 1600 square feet $245.00

Residential Plus: 1601 to 2500 square feet $325.00

Residential Grand: 2501 - 4000 square feet/large acreages $395.00

Residential Elite:  Over 4000 square feet: 10% x square footage

Virtual Tour Packages:

Vacant Lot - up to 20 acres with 1 pan and 6-12 still images:  $250.00

Vacant Land - Large acreages with panorama(s) and still images: (Includes travel time) 1/4 day: $380.00; 1/2 day: $760.00;

Residential Basic: Up to 1600 square feet:  $400.00

Residential Plus:  1601 to 2500 square feet:  $475.00

Residential Grand: 2501 - 4000 square feet or homes on large acreages $600.00

Residential Elite:  Homes over 4000 square feet  15% x square footage

Virtual Home Staging

What is it?

1 -4 Photos:       $50.00 each

5 or more Photos:     $40.00 each

Tour package add-ons

Aerials When Available - contact us for availability:  $125.00

Astrozoom: $20.00

Single Property Website:  $30.00

Custom Work:  $90.00 hourly rate - Photoshop editing, Tour revisions, Staging

Additional services, charges and discounts

Aerials only as available.  Contact us for availability:  $275.00 first hour, $100 each additional hour

Return trip for shoot:  $80.00 (plus travel if beyond 25 miles)

Travel: Beyond 25 mile radius of Waimea office - per mile each way: $1.50

Multi-Tour Discount:  2 or more Tour Packages - same day/same office - not more than 15 miles apart  10% Discount

Terms of Sale

Payment due upon receipt of invoice.   Visa, Mastercard, American Express and checks.  Online payment available.

6% monthly finance  charge on all invoices over 20 days from date of invoice.

Copyright:  Payment of invoice purchases authorization to use images and tours for marketing the property photographed for the life of the listing or rental agreement.  RealTours Hawaii, LLC retains copyrights of all images provided unless otherwise specified.  Resale of images and any uses other than marketing the property photographed is prohibited without written consent from RealTours Hawaii, LLC.

Re-use Policy:  RealTours Hawaii will not outhorize subsequent realtors, property managers or owners to use property photos or tours without consent from the original purchasing agent or owner.  Charges may apply.  However, general images, amenities, etc. may be used and sold at our discretion.