Originally established in 1999 as RealtorVision, RTV, Inc. is a privately held corporation in Northern Michigan. As a leading provider of virtual tour technology, we proudly support several hundred thousand real estate agents in 50 countries, as well as 1500+ independent business owners. Today, RTV maintains the world’s largest full-service virtual tour and property marketing network. 

RealTour Vision's new software supercharges marketing tools for Real Estate and Vacation Rental agents and property managers.  Combined with the professional photography you've come to expect from RealTours Hawaii, you can't afford NOT to make yourself known as a RealTours Hawaii client!

Check out these features available through RTV's Fusion virtual tour system:

HTML5 Mobile Tour 2.0

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RTV’s tours are smart, very smart! When browsing through your virtual tours with a web enabled phone or device, our virtual tours automatically serve up an HTML 5 mobile compatible version of the tour to ensure maximum exposure and compatibility. Furthermore, we track your mobile hits and QR code scans and add them to your hit report each week. Got a gyro enabled phone or device? That’s even better! Pan, tilt and move interactively through panoramas and scenes within virtual tours by steering your device in the direction that you would like to navigate!

Looking for a way to ‘WOW’ visitors and customers with your virtual tours? Fusion’s latest and greatest feature will grab their attention with something they’ve never seen before, an outer space fly in! AstroZoom lets you zoom in from outer space directly to any property or business. We’ll create a powerful, visually stunning HD video that starts with a view of Earth from space, and then slowly zeroes in on the listing or business. This feature is a special handmade add-on that only costs $20.00 per production.

Getting your presentations out there and in front of the world for viewing is easier than ever with Fusion's powerful, built-in AutoExposure Engine. With the push of a button your real estate and vacation rental presentations are sent out to the most popular portals. RTV currently distributes to Realtor.com, Trulia, Oodle, Vast, Hotpads, Backpage, Zillow, Reachoo, OLX, Geebo, Trovit, Homes.com, RealEstateDigital, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Craigslist, YouTube and more. Give it a try! The AutoExposure Engine gives your virtual tour an average of 50% more viewings than those not submitted.


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Struggling with complex third-party software to make flyers is a thing of the past with Fusion’s built-in Auto Flyer Generator. Fusion comes preloaded with over twenty gorgeous flyer templates and layouts ready for your stunning photography to make them complete. Once your images are uploaded, simply activate the Auto Flyer Generator and viewers will then be able to print out a stunning ‘graphic intensive’ or ‘ink friendly’ flyer.

Automatically rip any of your virtual tours to a QR code. Want a printable version? imply enter the size of the QR code you would like to create and our Tour2QR creates a QR code of ANY size for you on the fly. Best of all, RTV’s HitStats will show your clients how many visitors have scanned the QR code each week on mobile devices.

Need a Single Property Website?  We first check to see if your domain name is available. Once your domain name is registered, your site can be activated from either the branded version of the virtual tour itself, or from the property description page with a link to the tour.  All for just $30, including domain registration!  Need it for more than a year?  No problem, we’ll  setup a reminder for you to renew your domain name sixty days prior to its expiration the following year. 


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Getting an email with a link to a virtual tour is nice, but getting a slick, well organized and graphically pleasing E-Brochure in your inbox is an experience. When any online viewer uses Fusion’s “send-to-friend” feature, the system will ask whether they'd like to send a plain email with a link to the tour, or the more robust HTML E-Brochure. It looks GREAT! 

Fusion takes virtual tour traffic reporting to the next level by providing you and your clients with more data than ever. We now feature a full breakdown of traffic and stats by day, month, quarter, and year. You’ll see the number of times your virtual tour has been emailed, downloaded, shared on social sites, and viewed on a mobile phone. Fusion also tracks the number of times various tools are used, like the E-Flyer and the Printable Brochure. Now, you can log into your tour manager and access a virtual tour’s entire history in just one click. HitStats can even be set by you to email out weekly or monthly to your clients! All reports are automatically sent to your customers from YOUR email address.